Add and Subtract Three Mixed Numbers: Walking to School

Mixed numbers are the focus of a five-question interactive. Scholars move fraction pieces into strips and equations to find solutions. Questions challenge participants with multiple-choice, a true or false, and one discussion.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Make the interactive part of a math center rotation, have the link open, encourage learners to use their notes and past practice pages for reference
  • Bookmark the site so early finishers can visit it when they complete other tasks
  • If learners need a more hands-on approach, recreate the fraction strips with the same color fraction bars; have the set readily available during the practice
Classroom Considerations

  • The table needs to be reset before each problem
  • Sign-up with CK-12 to access the free interactive

  • Hints and additional information is provided
  • Fractions are different colors

  • The table is not as helpful as it should be 
  • The first page is missing information