Active and Passive Transport: Red Rover Send Particles Over

I can move about freely, but you cannot. The class models the movement through cell membranes by way of passive and active transport. Members of the class play the roles of various proteins, atoms, compounds, and cell actions and mimic actions based upon the called transport. Young engineers can play a variety of games as class members change roles.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Teach a lesson on passive and active transport prior to starting this activity
  • Stop during the activity several times to discuss the roles of the participants as they relate to the major concepts on the quiz
Classroom Considerations
  • Create role signs prior to beginning the activity
  • Requires a large, open space
  • Kinetic way to reinforce active and passive transport
  • Quiz is provided to assess understanding
  • Answer key is not provided for the quiz
  • Members of the class may be confused about their roles