Acids and Alkalis

Is your acid-base chemistry lesson plan a little ho-hum? Spice things up with puzzles! Young chemists manipulate facts about acids and bases to solve a series of interactive puzzles. The activity combines content knowledge and problem-solving skills in a timed individual challenge.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the puzzles to reinforce critical knowledge about acids and bases
  • Create a contest around the puzzle set and reward learners with the fastest times and those that use the fewest hints as they work
Classroom Considerations
  • Take a little time at the beginning to demonstrate how the gridlock puzzles work and what information goes where
  • Pupils should be familiar with strong and weak acids and bases for the activity
  • You can use the resource online or in printed form, thanks to the included worksheet and answer key
  • The gridlock puzzle format is challenging and engaging
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