Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads

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History enthusiasts participate in an interactive website that brings Abraham Lincoln to life as he shares his personal experiences between 1854-1864. Scholars listen and read carefully to form their own opinions and discover if they relate or differ from our sixteenth presidents'. Topics include the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, Fort Sumter, the Merryman Case, the Thirteenth Amendment, and more! 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include the website in your lesson plan for Presidents' Day—the third Monday in February
  • Create a flipped classroom assignment, direct pupils to go through the interactive in preparation for the following day's discussion and activity 
  • Have the website readily available for early finishers to work on when time permits 
Classroom Considerations
  • Headphones will help with sound and focus 
  • Coordinate with the school's computer lab or device cart if your classroom is not equipped with enough tablets or computers 
  • This content requires Adobe Flash to view
  • Includes transcripts, additional resources, and a detailed help section 
  • Class members have the opportunity to pause and replay sections to assist in comprehension 
  • Lincoln speaks slowly—although helpful for some, it may be frustrating for others that require a quicker speed 
  • A few slides contain background music that plays rather loudly
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