Abraham Lincoln Bio Poem

Everyone knows about Abraham Lincoln as a historical figure, but what was he like as a person? Young historians complete a biopoem about Lincoln, including his character traits, his relationships, his fears, and his needs.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate into a social studies unit about the Civil War
  • Have writers create another biopoem for a prominent Confederate figure or another American President to compare and contrast their traits
  • Use the biopoem format for another character, or for class members to fill out about themselves or their peers
  • Encourage learners to complete additional research about Lincoln in order to fill out the biopoem
  • Use the biopoem in science or math class to discuss specific concepts in depth
Classroom Considerations
  • Provides an answer key, but activity is based on learner's creativity
  • Parts of the worksheet are in color; be sure that printing in black and white doesn't affect understanding
  • Promotes critical thinking and creativity in one assignment
  • Poem format is versatile for multiple assignments and disciplines
  • A great addition to your President's Day unit
  • None
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