About Federal Judges: Qualifications of Judges

New Review

"Help Wanted: A Supreme Court Justice." What should be included in the ad? Learners ponder the question during a lively activity that asks them to examine the qualifications for various federal offices and then create job postings. Pupils examine a variety of materials, including websites and the US Constitution, to consider what qualifications are necessary to serve in high federal offices. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have scholars examine the constitutional requirements for various offices and brainstorm what they would add to the list
Classroom Considerations

  • Activities assume individuals have a background in the role of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches
  • Lesson is second in a series from The Judicial Learning Center

  • Activities are interactive and engaging for a variety of individual learning preferences
  • Exercises include higher-level thinking skills, such as evaluation and synthesis

  • None