A Whale of Importance to the Arctic People

This A Whale of Importance to the Arctic People lesson plan also includes:

The bowhead whale of the Arctic region is of great importance to the people that live there. Your class will brainstorm all they know about this wonderful whale and create an informational video, which they will share with the children from the North Slope Borough school and vice versa. They'll then watch a video of Inupiaq elders sharing their thoughts on the bowhead whale, which they will use to compose a skit which will be recorded and again shared with the North Slope Borough school. A final discussion will revolve around the differences in initial understanding about the importance of whale found between North Slope students and those living in lower latitudes.

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  • Excellent activity idea
  • Cross-cultural sharing
  • Brings a global perspective to the classroom
  • Well-thought-out lesson plan
  • Good assessment activities
  • Web links are included

  • It may be difficult to establish contact with the mentioned school
  • Video recording devices may be hard to come by