A Planet in the Solar System

Take young scientists on an exploration of the cosmos with this cross-curricular writing exercise. Tasked with producing an expository composition describing a planet of their choosing, students perform research and present their findings as they develop their writing skills and deepen their understanding of the solar system.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use this writing prompt as an extension activity during an elementary science unit on the solar system
  • Offer children graphic organizers for taking notes and planning their writing before producing their final essay
  • Have students create paintings or drawings of their planets, displaying both their pictures and written compositions in the classroom
Classroom Considerations
  • Visit your school or local public library to gather reference materials for students to use as they research their chosen planets
  • This basic writing exercise can be adapted to meet the abilities of students across the elementary grade levels
  • Writing prompt offers questions for students to consider while writing their essays
  • Space is provided for producing one or two paragraphs of writing, depending on handwriting size
  • None