A Place to Call Home

This A Place to Call Home worksheet also includes:

Lots of animals live in the forest, and some are easier to spot than others! Locate 12 animals and their preferred habitats within the forest with an engaging activity. After learners fill in the correct animal for each area, they complete a mystery message and solve animal riddles.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Laminate the worksheets into a double-sided placemat for learners to complete with dry erase markers
  • Project onto a whiteboard for your class to fill in before a lesson on forest animals and habitats
  • Divide your class into small groups to research one of the animals listed and present what they've learned to their peers
Classroom Considerations

  • Answer key is located at the bottom of the second page; consider removing it or covering it up before distributing to your class

  • Second page provides short descriptions of each animal, which are both educational and helpful for solving the activity
  • Worksheet is accessible for readers of all levels

  • None