Lesson Plan

A New Angle on PV Efficiency

Let me get an angle on this! Investigate the orientation of a photovoltaic panel and its effect on efficiency. By using a light source, learners collect and plot current output to determine the ultimate orientation. The resource includes a performance assessment to design a photovoltaic system for the school.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Present the Design It! Post-Activity Assessment as a problem for the class to solve; let them determine what information is needed and how to gain that information
  • Develop research teams and have individuals from each team to be responsible for different aspects of using a solar panel
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sure the solar panels and the meters are working properly
  • Based on the number of multimeters available, groups may need to be larger or the activity may need to stretch over several days
  • Requires the purchase of materials if they are not already owned
  • May be difficult to do outside with large classes
  • Instead of being told, the investigation leads the class to determine the ultimate angle
  • Protractor templates are included in the attachments
  • None