A Limpiar (Clean up Routine)

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Classtime is over—but Spanish instruction continues right into clean-up time! Bid students goodbye with a fun tune that inspires them to clean, organize, recycle, and say hasta luego to their friends for the day.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide learners with the worksheet before listening to the song, and see how many vocabulary words they can guess from context clues and pictures
  • Incorporate the song into your daily routine for helpful Spanish review and a tidy classroo
Classroom Considerations

  • Song reflects the regional Castilian dialect of Spain in the words decir and reciclar
  • Duration is 2:16

  • Links on the side of the page take class members to additional activities focused on cleaning up
  • Pictures clearly indicate the meaning for each word, making the activity ideal for learners of all reading levels

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