Lesson Plan

A Holiday Tradition: Which Christmas Tree Will You Choose?

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This A Holiday Tradition: Which Christmas Tree Will You Choose? lesson plan also includes:

Different varieties of Christmas trees provide an interesting way to combine social studies, science, math, and technology. Class members not only research the history of the Christmas tree holiday tradition, they compare and contrast different types evergreens, determine the ratio of tree height to shadow length, and plot the growing areas of various varieties. 

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Classroom Considerations
  • Several of the worksheets are designed specifically for Kansas residents; however, they can be easily edited to reflect any state or country
  • Preview the video to determine whether it is appropriate for your class
  • If possible, collect and bring to class branches from as many of the types of trees mentioned in the exercise
  • The exercises are designed in such a way that even those who do not celebrate the holiday season with a Christmas tree will be comfortable participating
  • Worksheets asks learners to research various types of trees, collect, record, and compare data and to plot maps
  • None