A Giant Silver Mirror Experiment

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... who's the best chemistry teacher of them all? You'll get the vote for certain after your class completes the Silver Mirror experiment! Partnered pupils use Tollen's reagent and glucose to silverplate a reaction vessel. The resource includes instructions for performing the experiment in microscale or as a full-scale teacher demonstration.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the links and videos included with the experiment to extend the lesson
  • Before doing the experiment, have the class examine the labels of each of the reactants for a fun lab safety refresher
Classroom Considerations
  • As several of the solutions used in the experiment are dangerous, consider performing the lab as a demonstration for younger pupils
  • Practice the reaction a few times before presenting it if this is your first encounter with the Silver Mirror
  • Thoughtfully constructed lesson around a very impactful reaction
  • The included materials make for interesting individual research
  • None