¿A Dónde Vas? (What, Where, When)

This ¿A Dónde Vas? (What, Where, When) audio also includes:

A trip to la panaderia leads to many more questions with an entertaining song about question words. Focusing on the question words quién, cómo, cuánto, and cuándo, the Spanish song and worksheet guide beginning learners through an engaging review activity.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Play the song for learners as they walk in, and see how many words they recognize; have them listen a second time with the lyric sheet for reference
  • Have class members write their own conversation skits with the same question words
Classroom Considerations

  • Links offer additional resources related to question words, but a subscription is required to play games
  • Clarify that in this context, el señor means the boss

  • Provides a quick reference guide at the top of the page for the Spanish verb ir
  • Reviews a lot of vocabulary words in a short amount of time, including question words and several verbs

  • None