A Catalyst and the Rate of Reaction

More than 90 percent of chemical products are made using a catalyst. Lesson demonstrates the way a catalyst changes the rate of reaction without altering the chemical reaction. A catalyst doesn't appear as a reactant or a product, yet it has a large impact on the result. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • After the lesson, have a firefighter speak to the class about how they can determine if a catalyst has been used in a fire
Classroom Considerations
  • Follow all safety rules for handling, cleaning up, and disposing of chemicals
  • Utilizes a projection of videos large enough for all class members to see
  • Lesson is the fifth in a series of 12
  • Provides a supplier and item number for the chemicals required
  • Includes observation through videos and demonstrations of multiple applications of a catalyst
  • Offers leading discussion questions and ideal answers to promote connections to prior lessons
  • None