Instructional Video

A Case of "What-Ifs"

Do your pupils ever get the case of the What-Ifs? If so, maybe they're meant to be an engineer. Engineers are encouraged to ask a lot of hypothetical questions! Find out why and what they do with their answers in a captivating video about engineers and the engineering process. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a flipped classroom; assign the link to be viewed at home for homework saving class time for discussion and application of knowledge
  • As a class, create an original hypothetical situation in which a problem must be solved, and ask, "What if?" as you go through the engineering process to find a solution
Classroom Considerations
  • This is the seventh episode in a series of 17 videos that focuses on the engineering process
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Class members are fully engaged in the video's colorful graphics, cartoon characters, sound effects, and silly jokes
  • Academic vocabulary used in the video is defined verbally, as well as visually
  • The host speaks fast; some learners may find it difficult to take notes or answer questions for comprehension purposes