A Brief History of Life: When Life Exploded

Dimetrodon is generally featured in children's books about dinosaurs even though it wasn't a reptile and lived in an earlier era than dinosaurs. The way life developed wasn't as smooth as many people think. The video focuses on the explosion of life during the Paleozoic Era. It ends with the great dying, which we know happened, but have not discovered the reason.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Develop a timeline of the periods in the Earth's history; if class members created a timeline of the eons while watching the previous video in the series, add this timeline to that one
Classroom Considerations

  • Remember the comment section is not moderated and includes many words not typically considered acceptable in the classroom
  • Assumes prior knowledge from the first video in the series

  • Offers closed captioning in Dutch, English, and Swedish
  • Helps put pre-history into perspective, both on a scale of time and size

  • None
Common Core