A Blocky Christmas!!

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And you thought holiday shopping was tough! A fun Christmas game prompts players to direct a star block into position with the arrow keys on their keyboard. As they progress through levels, they use the star block to move additional pieces into place.

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Instructional Ideas
  • See who can get through the most levels in a given amount of time
  • Allow individuals or groups to work on the game in free periods or when they finish with other work
Classroom Considerations
  • All navigation is through the keyboard; game will not work as well on tablets with only touchscreens
  • Ads on either side of the game may be distracting
  • Game is not overtly Christmas themed, besides a Santa interlude between levels and jingle bell music
  • Learners can start a level over without affecting their progress through previous levels
  • Requires class members to use logic and strategy
  • None