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8 Intelligences: Are You a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One?

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This 8 Intelligences: Are You a Jack of All Trades or a Master of One? instructional video also includes:

There are more ways to be intelligent than just book smart or street smart — eight ways, to be precise. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist who has studied the concept of multiple intelligences at length, discusses the ways a person can have intelligence in linguistics, logical mathematics, music, spatiality, bodily kinesthetics, interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, and naturalism.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners choose the intelligence that they feel describes them the best, and prompt them to create a collage or demonstration of how they exhibit that intelligence
  • Incorporate the video into a lesson about multiple intelligences in which pupils take a personality test to determine their strongest intelligence
  • Use the multiple intelligence format in a language arts book report to describe characters and their motivations
  • Create a journal project at the beginning of the year for class members to note the ways they are developing each of their eight intelligences
Classroom Considerations
  • Assessment only contains recall questions from the video; consider finding a personality test to accompany the viewing
  • Video does not include pictures of graphics, and at over nine minutes long, it may be dull for some viewers
  • Thought-provoking discussion about the different ways people learn and excel
  • Encouraging to students who may feel that they are not intelligent based on standardized tests or other assessments
  • None