50 Powerful Examples of Visual Propaganda and the Meanings Behind Them

Propagandists have many tools at their disposal to influence thinking and behavior. Among the most powerful are the visual tools, posters designed to grab the attention and stir the emotions of viewers. Check out this collection of powerful posters to get a picture of how visual propaganda has been used in the past.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After checking the permissions of use, print and laminate the posters for continued use
  • Ask class members to bring in examples of visual propaganda found in print or a screenshot of an example found on TV or other media and ask them to analyze the appeals used 
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members should have previous knowledge propaganda appeals; if not, conduct a mini-lesson on the common appeals as part of the study of the posters

  • Commentary identifies the artist, the date of publication, the country of origin, the purpose, and the appeals used in each poster
  • Posters with both positive and negative messages are included

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