3-D Cell Model

This 3-D Cell Model activity also includes:

Life science laureates choose a plant or animal cell to construct a model of as an at-home project. This handout provides guidelines, suggested materials, and a grading rubric for their reference. A full-page letter to parents is also part of this document, which can be used to emphasize the importance of the project. Be aware that there are several elements that must be personalized to use this document, including your name and e-mail address, due dates, etc.

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  • Grading standards are clearly laid out, point-by-point
  • An attractive parent letter is included
  • Functions for each organelle are mentioned in the checklist, but it is not clear from the guidelines or grading bullet points how they should be explained; make sure to clarify your requirements
  • Formatting is not ideal and specific due dates are listed; adjust to your liking