2016 Electoral College Map

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The electoral college can be confusing for citizens of any age. Clear up misconceptions with a handy printable map that details how many electoral votes are allotted to each state, as well as a history of modern elections, complete with both popular and electoral votes for each candidate. Learners work with a set of analysis questions to compare elections, states, votes, and parties from the resource.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create an interdisciplinary project in which learners research various elections in social studies, and compare the electoral and popular votes in math class
  • Print and laminate to display during election season
  • Encourage pairs or small groups to choose one election to research and present in front of the class, including any ramifications of the election 
Classroom Considerations
  • If you want a professional version of the map, refer to the publisher's website for a free copy with sign-up
  • Because the electoral map is divided into red and blue for Republicans and Democrats, it needs to be printed in color
  • Worksheet is in a Google doc format, making it editable once downloaded
  • Provides popular and electoral votes for every election in the 20th and 21st centuries through 2016
  • Key includes tips for reading the chart and infographic
  • Includes question worksheet 
  • None