1850-1874 Homestead Act Signed: Who were the Settlers?

Life in the great, wide-open spaces of the West! Scholars analyze the reasons behind the vast movement to the Great Plains after the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Homestead Act. Using photographic, document, map, video, and primary source evidence, groups work together to uncover what life was like in the West. After intensive research, scholars create their own family trees to better understand the issues their own ancestors faced. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Practice analyzing photographs by going through the exercise together as a class prior to individual work 
  • When using groups, place struggling and strong readers together to aid in understanding the material in primary sources
Classroom Considerations

  • Lessons are designed specifically for certain grade levels, so adjust accordingly

  • Lesson contains printable worksheets and materials for classroom use
  • Resource provides detailed lesson plans and rubrics for teacher adaptation

  • None