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4 reviewed resources for stone age paleolithic era

Lesson Planet

Chalkboard Challenge: The Beginning of Human Society

For Teachers 6th
After studying Ancient Civilizations, learners could use this jeopardy-like game as a review. Having questions relating to the Neolithic, Paleolithic Era, and more, this presentation would be a great whole class or center activity.
Lesson Planet

Stone Age Art - Simulated Cave Painting

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Young scholars visit Lascaux Caves web site, view images of paintings and observe use of elements, principles, and components of art, reflect on purpose of paintings, and form cooperative clans and imitate these paintings using fire from...
Lesson Planet

Development of Agriculture and Writing

For Students 6th - 10th
Starting out with a brief explanation of eras, periods, and ages, this lecture presents general information on the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. Using images and a timeline, the narrator covers the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic...
Lesson Planet

Era 1: The Beginnings of Human Society

For Teachers 6th
From hunter-gatherers to the Neolithic Age, this PowerPoint walks you through the history and beginnings of human society. Many facts about the various stages of humanity are embedded in this presentation. This is a great resource to use...