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Lesson Planet

Adverb Clauses

For Teachers 3rd - 8th Standards
Get your groove on with a dance-themed presentation focused on adverb clauses and subordinating conjunctions. As learners tango and foxtrot through the grammar lesson, they practice varying their sentence structure.
Lesson Planet

Mouthpart Madness

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students explore the basic biology of a pest. They identify the four major kinds of insect mouthparts and explain how they work. Students examine the specific mouthparts and how they can limit food resources and in what environment an...
Lesson Planet

Do Be Square

For Teachers 2nd
Second graders perform a square dance using proper movements keeping the beat and the rhythm of the song. They explore basic square dance steps as well as a complete dance. Give a bit of background on square dancing.
Lesson Planet

Compass Rose: Dance and Quilt

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders identify the cardinal directions by listening to a song entitled, "Stand," and by reviewing the lyrics to that song. They notice the cardinal directions that are posted around the classroom. They perform the motions as...
Lesson Planet

Using Words to Work Things Out

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Students explore appropriate ways to communicate feelings.  In this character development lesson, students listen to Hands are not for Hitting and several other books about expressing emotions appropriately.  Students observe puppet...
Lesson Planet

Cosmic Rhythm

For Teachers 5th - 7th
Learners write poems using rhyme and meter as they come to understand the mechanical concept of rhythm. They discover that rhythm is seen in dance and sports, poetry and other literary forms, and communication in general. They recognize...
Lesson Planet

Ways to Start the Year Off Right

For Teachers K - 6th
Here are some simple ways to get your year off to a great start.
Lesson Planet

ESL: Practice Using Present Progressive Tense

For Students 4th - 7th
Small, cartoonish pictures of people expressing emotions and actions (blowing his nose, holding her head and frowning, dancing, smiling) provide the basis for writers to describe the feelings and experiences taking place. Help your ESL...
Lesson Planet

10 Rainy and Snow Day Activities for Indoor Recess and PE

For Teachers K - 6th
Don't let the rain and snow put a damper on your PE lessons. This collection of indoor activities is a perfect way to keep students active regardless of the weather outside.
Lesson Planet

Native American Music: Call-and-Response

For Teachers 5th - 12th
Learners are introduced to call-and-response form of Native American song and dance. They identify and describe a call-and-response form as used in "0 Hal'Lwe." Male students will perform "0 Hal'Lwe" in call-and-response style with drum...
Lesson Planet

Music and Interdisciplinary Connections

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Learners examine the interconnectedness of different art forms. They listen to music and watch a video while determining the similarities of the themes. They make connections between books, movies, opera, dance, and music.
Lesson Planet

ESL Actions- Matching Worksheet

For Students 3rd - 4th
In this ESL actions/verbs matching worksheet, students match 10 words to the picture that shows the action. They see words such as walk, dance, swim, and play.
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 1st
First graders identify word families and demonstrate a variety of ballet moves. They listen to the book "Angelina on Stage," and observe and demonstrate three ballet moves. Students then match a family word with other rhyming words,...
Lesson Planet

Rhythmic Movement

For Teachers 1st - 3rd
Explore how waves move in the ocean with your young learners. Fill a two-liter bottle half full with colored water, and have the youngsters move the bottle to make waves inside of it. Then have them listen to the song "Wipe Out"....
Lesson Planet

Creating a Thunderstorm

For Teachers 1st
First graders contrast sounds and make a thunderstorm rhythm.  In this rhythm lesson, 1st graders listen to Native American music and make an original rhythm with their hands and feet.  Students discuss Native Americans.
Lesson Planet

What is a Pest?

For Teachers K - 6th
Students investigate whether rabbits should be considered pests even though they make good pets. They extend this to determine what, when, and where other organisms are considered to be pests, and examine why the concept of a pest is a...
Lesson Planet

Music and Emotions

For Teachers 1st
First graders examine how certain types of music can evoke emotions and mental images. They fold a piece of paper into four equal sections, and create a picture of what they are visualizing in each section while listening to four...
Lesson Planet

Partner Match Up

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Students are randomly paired up. Then using cards they start to find their match as a partner for the day. They then return their cards as soon as they've found their match. Examples of matches can be: states-capitals, upper-lower case,...
Lesson Planet

Tread Lightly: Where We Stand

For Teachers 6th - 10th
Students explore the concept of ecological footprints. In this environmental stewardship lesson, students calculate their ecological footprints and consider how to reduce them.
Lesson Planet

ESL Feeling Multiple Choice Worksheet

For Students 4th
In this ESL feelings multiple choice activity, 4th graders answer 5 questions about feelings. They look at colorful clip art pictures of feelings before answering questions such as "What do you do when you feel tired?"
Lesson Planet

Simple Present

For Students K - 1st
In this ESL present simple verb tense worksheet, students examine 7 pictures of people in action. Students match these to the verbs that describe them.
Lesson Planet

Sow the Seeds of Victory!

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Students use the National Archives and Records Administration's records to research the history of the U.S. Food Administation.
Lesson Planet


For Students 1st - 2nd
In this ESL verbs worksheet, students examine 7 pictures that depict people in action. Students match these pictures to the verbs that describe them.
Lesson Planet


For Students 1st - 2nd
In this ESL verbs worksheet, students analyze 7 pictures that depict people in action. Students match these pictures with the verbs that describe them.