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29 resources with the keyterm angle bisector

Lesson Planet

Special Segments in Triangles

For Students 10th
In this special segments in triangles worksheet, 10th graders solve 5 different types of triangles. First, they identify and describe the four types of segments associated with triangles. Then, students draw and label a figure that...
Lesson Planet

Geometry with Cabri Jr.

For Teachers 10th
Tenth graders investigate geometry with Cabri Jr.  For this geometry lesson, 10th graders explore segment length and perpendicular bisectors, angle measure and angle bisectors, and the circumcenter of a triangle.
Lesson Planet

Geometry Worksheet

For Students 10th - 12th
In this geometry worksheet, students find the area of four polygons. They compute the measure of an angle. Students find the length of the sides of a right triangle. They name one arc and find the measure of two arcs.
Lesson Planet


For Students 10th
In this constructions activity, 10th graders solve and complete 19 different problems. First, they measure each angle to the nearest degree. Then, students bisect each angle using a compass and ruler. They also measure each segment to...
Lesson Planet

Construct Bisectors: Homework

For Students 6th - 7th
In this angle bisector worksheet, students review four steps on how to construct an angle bisector. Students then draw and label the given figures and construct a bisector for each. Students then complete one word problem using angle...