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5 resources with the keyterm orff orchestration

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Population Genetics
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Lesson Planet

Uncle Pen

For Teachers 5th
Kids practice playing their Orff instruments. They follow along as the instructor leads them through a series of rhythm and note playing practice exercises. This lesson is intended for use with the Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill text, Spotlight...
Lesson Planet

’Most Done Ling’rin’ Here

For Teachers 4th
Say, sing, and clap out the rhythm to the musical pattern provided in this Orff arrangement. Instructions lead your class in a structured music lesson, focused on rhythm, timing, and playing Orff instruments. 
Lesson Planet

My Horses Ain't Hungry

For Teachers 3rd
Using Orff instruments and orchestration, learners practice playing various parts of the song, "My Horse Ain't Hungry." This lesson is specifically for the xylophone and glockenspiel, and includes some samples of sheet music.
Lesson Planet

El Floron

For Teachers 3rd
While there is no sheet music to accompany this lesson plan, it does have some ideas for teaching orchestration to younger learners. Third graders clap and call back and forth between each other to understand how they should play their...
Lesson Planet

Roll on, Columbia

For Teachers 4th
Budding musicians practice keeping rhythm, playing  Orff instruments, and following musical orchestration. They work as a team to play the song "Roll on, Columbia" while keeping time. There are specific instructions for each type of...