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Who was Frederick Douglass? Video
Who was Frederick Douglass?
Volcano Video
Defining Gravity Video
Defining Gravity
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Lesson Planet

Rat Round Up

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Students build a device that captures and carries a pet rat safely back to its cage with out "harming" the rat or themselves. They build and experiment with wind-up or battery operated rat cat toys after predicting the outcome of their...
Lesson Planet

Clean Up Hazardous Waste!

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Students identify sources of home hazardous waste and create posters to educate the community about how to handle hazardous wastes.
Lesson Planet

Taking Responsibility for My Own Safety

For Teachers K - 6th
Staying safe in and outside of school is a very important skill for youngsters to learn. This presentation provides a series of questions that encourages them to brainstorm and discuss ways to stay safe in a variety of different...
Lesson Planet

Opening Day Activities

For Teachers 6th - 10th
Use these opening day activities for the first day of your physical education classes. Set the tone, get your class moving around, and have them talk to each other! There are a couple of activities to help you and your classes get started.
Lesson Planet

Sports Safety Role Play

For Teachers K - 8th
Students role-play sports situations and determine the actions needed to stay safe from injuries. They define the term sports safety, develop short skits about situations involving sports safety, and work together in cooperative groups.
Lesson Planet

RC Truck Safety

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Are any of your students into RC trucks? The student in this video provides viewers with tips about charging, driving, and caring for an RC truck.
Lesson Planet

Building for the Big One

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Students build and test structures that can best withstand earthquakes. They create their structures from playdough, cornstarch, grape-nuts and popsicle sticks and place their structures on a "shake table."
Lesson Planet

Playground Safety Check

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Students study a playground safety checklist, conduct a safety check of the schoolyard and/or local playground and write a report about their findings, # present the report to school or community leaders
Lesson Planet

How to Walk with a Laptop

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Watch your step! When you are walking around with expensive equipment, be sure to be cautious. This provides an entertaining demonstration to remind people to be careful!
Lesson Planet

Care and Feeding of Laptops

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Make sure your class treats the school's laptops properly! Watch this video to learn how to care for your laptops.
Lesson Planet

Ready to Remain Safe

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders discuss making the wrong decisions because of peer pressure and the consequences of those actions. As a class, they identify the positive and negative consequences based on a variety of scenerios. To end the lesson, they...
Lesson Planet

Creating Your Own Hurricane Plan

For Teachers 5th - 6th
Design a hurricane evacuation plan with youngsters. They will collect data on hurricanes. Researching on the Internet, they will discover vulnerabilities in city planning and devise an evacuation plan including necessary supplies.
Lesson Planet

When Nature Strikes: Natural Hazards Safety

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Young scholars observe the impact of natural disasters on humans, and become aware of the dangers of environmental hazards such as flash floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
Lesson Planet

Introduction to Welding

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students explore how to weld and the safety procedures that are in place. In this welding lesson students take a safety test on welding and once they know all the rules they use the angle grinder.
Lesson Planet

Officer Buckle and Gloria; How to Stay Safe

For Teachers K - 2nd
Students listen to the teacher read a book about a police officer and his trained dog and make connections to their own personal safety habits. In this safety lesson, students create a classroom bulletin board of safety tips, and then...
Lesson Planet

The Bicycle as a System

For Students 8th - 10th
For this bicycle as a system worksheet, students are assigned a subsystem of a bicycle, such as the wheel, the brakes and steering, or the frame. Each group of students identifies the parts, the function, the input, and the output of the...
Lesson Planet

Tornado Damage!

For Teachers 3rd - 5th Standards
Young scholars explore tornadoes, the damage they cause, and how to rate tornadoes. They will investigate the Fujita Damage Scale of tornado intensity, and use it to complete a mock engineering analysis of damage caused by a tornado....
Lesson Planet

Hand Washing with Soap and Water

For Teachers 7th - Higher Ed
It never hurts to show youngsters how to wash their hands. This video demonstrates the proper way one should wash their hands in order to slow the spread of germs or other contagions. Appropriate for any age or grade level.
Lesson Planet

Survival Experts

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Young scholars take on the role of survival experts as they research and produce brochures or guides to educate others about what to do in the event of a natural disaster.
Lesson Planet

Equipment Ad

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Young scholars create a one-minute advertisement for a piece of sports safety equipment. They define the terms ad, advertisement, and commercial and demonstrate creative-thinking and creative-writing skills.
Lesson Planet

LESSON #2 SAFETY UNIT: Real-life reading selection

For Students 6th - 12th
When studying pollution and the environment, you can use this activity as an enrichment. Safety-conscious learners read a 2005 article about an ammonia leak from a Kentucky fast-food product plant. They work in small groups to discuss...
Lesson Planet

Opening Day - Lesson 1

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Here are a few good activities to do for the first or second day of a physical education class. The activities are designed for the class to get acquainted and to build community. The activities come from Adventure Curriculum Physical...
Lesson Planet

Electrical Safety

For Teachers K - 6th
Teaching our kids to stay safe always begins by explaining what is dangerous and why. Encourage electrical safety with seven fundamental rules related to safe handling of electrical equipment, cords, and self-awareness. Great for...
Lesson Planet

Boating Safety

For Teachers 5th - 9th
Students are introduced to the safety procedures to follow while boating. After taking a quiz, they complete open-ended questions about boating accidents in Illinois. They discuss as a class how those accidents could have been prevented.