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What Do You See at the Pond?

For Teachers K - 2nd
With What Do You See at the Pond?, young readers explore pond life and practice reading strategies. Learners first make predictions and then read the simple story independently. After a second read-through with a partner, kids come...
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The Color of My Words

For Students 4th - 6th
Leading readers through a discussion of the book The Color of My Words by Lynn Joseph, a series of activities provides comprehension questions and other techniques and strategies to enhance understanding. This worksheet can help learners...
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Read Like a Detective

For Teachers 1st - 12th Standards
Encourage your young readers to become true detectives in their next literary adventure! Here you'll find an attractive display that will prompt your learners to constantly be looking for clues, asking questions, making cases about the...
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A Smart Reader

For Teachers K - 5th
Teach your class what it means to be a smart reader with this simple classroom poster. Including short I am statements describing seven different reading strategies, this is a great resource for improving students' reading comprehension...
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A Research Toolkit of 12 Reading Strategies for the Foreign Language Classroom

For Teachers 1st - 12th
Learning to read is not a simple task, but there are methods for assisting pupils as they develop literacy skills. The first four pages of this resource include information about language development and reading development, as well as...
1 In 1 Collection 10:58
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Determine the Central Idea of a Text

For Students 5th - 7th Standards
So, what's the main idea here? Pose this question to your young readers using some key points of instruction from this resource. While much of the video is focused on one interpretation of the given anchor text, you can emphasize the...
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Sticky Note Discussions

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Scholars use sticky notes to increase reading comprehension. They read a book selection and stop periodically to place sticky notes on items they want to discuss. They then write a short note, summary, or question on the sticky note to...
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"Clean Water Act"

For Students 7th - 9th
Read the short reading passage entitled "Clean Water Act" to help your class build reading fluency and comprehension. While most questions focus on recall, learners are asked to use the context to define select vocabulary words. This...
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Sentence Completion 15: Low-Advanced SAT Level

For Students 10th - 12th Standards
Do your pupils need extra practice with sentence completion? Learners will have to employ a variety of strategies to answer correctly the six multiple-choice prompts on the worksheet. A richly detailed answer/explanation key is included....
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Reading Comprehension 4 Level 12

For Students 10th - Higher Ed
Designed for English language learners, this reading passage and its accompanying questions focus on autism spectrum disorders. Find a way to interest your readers before handing them this somewhat heavy reading, as even many...
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Reading Comprehension 1: Level 8

For Students 8th - 10th
Do you have an e-reader? Engage your class with this question before assigning them to read the passage. As they read, encourage them to mark the text. Without referring back to the text, can they complete the 11 reading comprehension...
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Reading Strategies for Decoding Tricky Words

For Teachers K - 2nd
Help primary school pupils learn valuable reading strategies. As they choral read a poster or big book, they predict covered words and learn various reading strategies for figuring out an unknown word. This will help them gain an...
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Reading Comprehension 1

For Students 11th - 12th
Bring this non-fiction text into your eleventh and twelfth grade classrooms. Your high schoolers will read the long passage provided, and use the information to complete eight multiple-choice questions. The answer sheet details where one...
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Reading Comprehension 4

For Students 8th - 10th
Frequent reading practice leads to increased fluency and reading comprehension. Help develop reading skills in your high schoolers with this reading passage and the questions that follow. The answer sheet is incredibly detailed; it...
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Reading Comprehension 3

For Students 10th - 11th
Prepare your classes for the impending state testing! Give each student the reading passage and questions, and then set the timer. Encourage them to use specific reading strategies to improve comprehension. They could start by reading...
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When Is a Noun a Verb? Examining Double Duty Words

For Teachers 6th - 9th
The New York Times' Learning Network provides great lessons! This one uses articles from the paper to help readers understand homonyms like mail (verb and noun). It also includes an exercise in reading informational text. Links to the...
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Reading and Responding: Lesson 3

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Reinforce comprehension of informational text. This is a one-on-one lesson intended to build an internal dialogue the reader can use to boost overall comprehension. They work independently with a tutor or teacher to read a nonfiction...
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Arkansas and NAFTA

For Teachers 7th - 9th
Build literacy through social studies and reading strategies. This lesson focuses on using pre-reading, vocabulary building, and comprehension questions to boost literacy while educating learners on international trade, NAFTA, and...
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Comprehension Strategy Instruction: Questioning

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Providing learners with a solid armory of reading strategies is a good way to help them build better reading comprehension. The teacher will model how to use a questioning checklist to better understand what she is reading. Pupils will...
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Lesson Plan for Scaffolding Complex Texts

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd Standards
Enhance a class read-aloud of the children's story Hi! Fly Guy with this reading comprehension activity. Children first listen as the teacher reads the story, stopping along the way to discuss any unfamiliar vocabulary. The book is then...
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Mars Comes Down to Earth: Language Arts Tutorial Activity

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Have a young reader who needs extra help? The article Mars Come Down to Earth provides an opportunity for additional reading practice. Working with a tutor, a student reads the story aloud, completes a question sheet, and then discusses...
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What Can Go?

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Go is a very exciting verb. Explore a variety of objects that go. This presentation contains seven repetitive sentences that all contain the word go and an image of the object going. This is great for early or prereaders; have them read...
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Jump Ship To Freedom: A Mindwing Lesson

For Teachers 5th
Focusing on chapters 1-4 from the book, Jump Ship to Freedom, this helpful resource outlines critical thinking questions using evidence from the text to deepen overall reading comprehension. Note: Familiarity with mindwing concepts is...
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Reading Comprehension

For Teachers 3rd
After listening to a story learners engage in a kinesthetic activity to answer comprehension and critical thinking questions. Finally, the students identify three main facts about the story. Extensions include a fact and opinion...