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152 resources with the keyterm racism

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Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the Real World - Problem 2 Video
Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the...
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Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous...
Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English Grammar Video Video
Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English...
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Lesson Planet

Hate, Anti‐Semitism, & Propaganda in the Holocaust

For Teachers 7th - 9th Standards
What is a hate symbol, and what role did racism and anti-Semitism play in the Holocaust? Your young historians will answer these questions through a series of engaging and interactive activities, as well as discover how Jews were...
Lesson Planet

A Teacher's Guide to the Signet Classics Edition of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Whether new to teaching The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or an experienced pro, you’ll find useful resources in this teacher’s guide. The 40-page packet includes background information, historical context, an annotated list of...
Lesson Planet

Modern Minstrelsy: Exploring Racist Stereotypes in Literature and Life

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Satires may be designed to expose a bias to ridicule but if misunderstood can they reinforce that bias? Langston Hughes poem, “Minstrel Man” opens a discussion of racist stereotypes, the minstrel tradition, and the musical, “The...
Lesson Planet

A South African Storm

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Learners read "A South African Storm" by Allison Howard and participate in a class discussion that examines Howard's letter for both content and writing form. They write a letter using some of the techniques they identified in Howard's.
Lesson Planet

Using Picture Books to Celebrate Diversity

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Help young learners develop social awareness and tolerance by integrating these books into your lessons.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" Speech

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Invite your class to investigate racism and civil rights by analyzing the great Dr. Martin Luther King's speech. Your learners will read the words from the "I Have a Dream" speech and analyze the political and racial overtones. They will...
Lesson Planet

The Jacket: Journal Templates Teacher's Guide

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Explore this story involving prejudice and racism to enhance learners' comprehension skills. The story The Jacket by Andrew Clements involves an African American boy who is falsely accused of stealing someone's jacket. This teacher's...
Lesson Planet

Loose Lips

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Have your middle and high schoolers analyze instances of celebrities using racial slurs or making prejudiced comments in public. After reading an article, they consider the roots and effects of prejudice and bias. As a class, they...
Lesson Planet

William Faulkner's Influence on Juan Rulfo's Pedro Páramo

For Teachers 11th - Higher Ed
Uncover the connections between William Faulkner and Juan Rulfo's literature, especially between Absalom, Absalom! and Pedro Páramo. Background information is given on both authors, and topics such as patriarchy, race, and incest are...
Lesson Planet

California's Golden History: 1848-1880

For Teachers 11th
Using a variety of online resources, learners study life and society in California during the gold rush. They use a map to identify area where gold was located, explore pre-selected websites, describe mining practices, and create an...
Lesson Planet

Civil Rights- the Long Road to Equality

For Students 9th - 12th
For this Civil Rights worksheet, students take a pre-test, review vocabulary, see a timeline, discuss how to overcome racism and much more in this 22 page lesson with blackline masters.
Lesson Planet

The Star Fisher

For Teachers 7th - 8th
What a terrific way to discuss racism in the 1920's. Learners read a story called The Star Fisher by Laurence Yep. It is about a Chinese American girl who experiences racism and prejudice after moving from Ohio to West Virginia. Learners...
Lesson Planet

Breaking Baseball’s Color Barrier

For Students 5th - 8th
Examine themes of racism and perseverance with a study of Jackie Robinson. Class members analyze his baseball card, read historical background, and work in pairs to discuss the material and complete a brief writing assignment.
Lesson Planet

James Baldwin: The Fire Next Time

For Teachers 10th - Higher Ed Standards
“The only thing white people have that black people need, or should want, is power—and no one holds power forever.” Powerful, poignant, pointed excerpts from The Fire Next Time are used to “incite debate and discussion” of James...
Lesson Planet

Mississippi Trial, 1955: A Request Strategy for Questioning

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation. Class members use Bloom's taxonomy to craft six levels of discussion questions for Chris Crowe's novel, Mississippi Trial, 1955. Model questions from Chapter 3, a...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

To Kill A Mockingbird: Historical Background

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother" and other images set the stage for a PowerPoint about the Great Depression. Whether used as background for Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, or as part of a historical study, the presentation would...
Lesson Planet

"Bursting" Stereotypes

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Students comprehend the meaning of the word steretype, work in groups to come up with stereotype statements, discuss whether the statements are fair, and write what they learned from the activity. Balloons are used as a conduit in this...
Lesson Planet

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

For Teachers 8th - 12th
Use this handy presentation to prepare your class before reading the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Segregation, the stock market, and the sociopolitical climate of the times is covered. This will really help build a...
Lesson Planet

Media Awareness Network: Hate or Debate?

For Teachers 8th - 10th
Discuss the difference between legitimate debate on a political issue and arguments that are based on hate through a science-fiction scenario that shows how a controversial issue can be discussed in both ways. Then learn how purveyors of...
Lesson Planet

Fact versus Opinion

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Part of a series aimed at breaking down cultural bias from the Canadian Media Awareness Network, this activity identifies where opinions do and don't belong in a newspaper. Pupils review handouts about the purpose of editorial comments...
Lesson Planet

Understanding White Supremacy

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Study the controversial topic of organized systems of repression, such as white supremacists and the KKK. This lesson provides discussion questions, primary source documents, and definitions all aimed at building an understanding of...
Lesson Planet

Rosa Parks Changed the Rules

For Teachers K - 5th
Learners complete a diagram of the Montgomery bus that carried Rosa Parks into the history books. They read about Rosa Park's contributions to the Civil Rights movement. They role play Rosa Park's refusal to move to the back of the bus.
Lesson Planet

Humor and Anthropology/Ethnic Humor

For Teachers Higher Ed
By posing controversial questions about racially charged words and jokes, this presentation explores the function and use of ethnic humor. Sure to inspire debates and discussions in your sociology or anthropology class, the slideshow...
Lesson Planet

Ethnic Humor

For Teachers Higher Ed
Uncovering the function and forms of ethnic jokes, this presentation with enlighten your students as it explores the concept of "insiders vs. outsiders" and various examples of ethnic stereotypes in literature and society. The...