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104 resources with the keyterm number sequence

Lesson Planet

Thanksgiving Mayflower Order to 50 (B)

For Students 1st - 4th
In this Thanksgiving Mayflower ordering numbers worksheet, students place the numbers on eight sails of eight boats in order from least to greatest on the lines provided.
Lesson Planet

Narrow It Down: Books

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd
Pupils ask yes-no questions to identify a secret book. In this asking questions lesson, students ask yes or no questions about books to identify a secret book. Pupils identify the book and then read one of the example books.
Lesson Planet

Number sequence

For Students 1st
In this number sequence worksheet, 1st graders find which numbers are missing from the houses in numbers 1 through 9. Students then cut out the houses and put them in number order.
Lesson Planet

Adding & Subtracting Integers

For Students 6th
In this adding and subtracting integers worksheet, 6th graders solve and complete 78 different problems. First, they find the sum of each pair of integers. Then, students write the next six terms in a number sequence. They also find the...
Lesson Planet

Simple Number Pattern

For Students 6th
In this simple number pattern worksheet, 6th graders solve 3 problems that include determining the number pattern in each example. First, they define that there is a hidden pattern in the number sequence shown. Then, students write the...
Lesson Planet

Look Out Below!

For Teachers K
In this number order worksheet, students will connect the dots, 1 to 20, to complete a picture of a cat parachuting out of an airplane.
Lesson Planet

Calculator Numbers

For Teachers 3rd
Third graders practice working out a hidden number on a calculator via number sequence in the advanced additive stage six. They assess number sequence to unveil a mystery number that has been entered onto a calculator and then switch...
Lesson Planet

Decimal Calculator Numbers

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders practice working out a hidden number on a calculator by utilizing number sequence in the advanced multiplicative stage seven. They enter a number into their calculator and push the division sign once and go from there.