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17 resources with the keyterm marshall plan

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Lesson Planet

Roots of the Cold War

For Teachers 10th - 11th Standards
When and how did the Cold War begin? To answer this question, you will not find a better-organized, in-depth, activity- and inquiry-based resource than this! Executing best teaching practices throughout, each portion of this inquiry...
Lesson Planet

Restructuring the Post War World: 1945-Present

For Teachers 10th - 12th
You have just entered the Cold War Zone, with 96 slides at your disposal. From changes in government in China, The Marshall Plan, and the Iron Curtain, to the Vietnam War and Ronald Regan, this presentation will help you cover it all. A...
Lesson Planet

The Kennedy Administration

For Teachers 7th - 12th
From his inaugural speech to the Bay of Pigs, major events concerning the Kennedy presidency are discussed. Slides provide an array of images and web links to highlight some of the bigger issues surrounding President Kennedy. The...
Lesson Planet

Western Civilizations, Chapter 27: The Cold War: Global Politics, Economic Recovery, and Cultural Change

For Students 10th - Higher Ed
Keep your scholars organized using this study plan and progress report tool, one of many great learning strategies featured in this online western civilizations resource! Although designed for use alongside the Western Civilizations...
Lesson Planet

Cold War Video

For Teachers 9th - 12th
What was the Cold War? Often dated from 1947-1991, it was a war between the Western world and the Communist world. Flashing their nuclear power, these sides fought for decades to establish power. This quirky resource provides commentary,...
Lesson Planet

Food Today, Freedom Tomorrow

For Teachers 11th
Eleventh graders study the leadership decisions at the end of WWII.  In this World History activity, 11th graders examine leadership decisions made by President Truman and General George C. Marshall.  Students interpret primary documents...
Lesson Planet

The Cold War: 1945-1991

For Teachers 8th - 11th
The best part of this presentation about the Cold War is the various pictures, photos, and maps throughout the slides. The timeline of this time period is difficult to follow in the presentation, as well as the details about several main...
Lesson Planet

Governmental Philanthropy: The Marshall Plan

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Was The Marshall Plan an example of government philanthropy? Of private sector philanthropy? What were the effects of The Marshall Plan? The consequences? Class members conduct research, examine primary source materials, and then craft...
Lesson Planet

Social Studies: Lesson 2

For Teachers 7th - 10th
Students explore the beginning of Communism.  In this World History lesson, students exhibit their knowledge of Communism and the Marshall Plan through completion of a map activity.
Lesson Planet

Cold War: Marshall Plan

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders examine the implications of the Cold War. In this Cold War lesson, 8th graders analyze primary sources available from the Library of Congress. Students analyze primary images and documents about the Marshall Plan ane...
Lesson Planet

Nation Building

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students explore the concept of nation building. In this diplomacy lesson, students research America's nation building efforts in Somalia, Haiti, the Balkans, Guatemala, Cuba, Vietnam, and Grenada. Students share their findings and...
Lesson Planet

The Early Tensions of the Cold War

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Learners uncover the roots of the Cold War. In this Cold War lesson, students research the political philosophies of the Soviet Union and the United States during the era as they define key vocabulary and discuss government systems....
Lesson Planet

Containment in the Cold War

For Teachers 10th
Tenth graders examine the impact of containment policies on the Cold War. In this Cold War lesson, 10th graders analyze the effectiveness of the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. As a culminating activity, students respond to...
Lesson Planet

Hitting the Cold War From All Angles

For Teachers 8th
Students explore the origins of the Cold War.  In this Cross Curricular lesson, students analyze maps of post World War II Europe.  Students compare and contrast the two sides of the Cold War.
Lesson Planet

Cold War: Superpowers Face Off

For Students 9th - 10th
In this Cold War activity, students fill in notes about eight actions take by the U.S. or Soviet Union and their contribution to political tensions.
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students view a short film about the rise of prosperity after World War II. They examine the role of status symbols and owning vehicles. They compare and contrast advertisements from the 1950's with those from the 1990's.
Lesson Planet

The Strategy of Containment, 1947-1948

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Learners understand President Truman's strategy of containment by reading primary source documents, using an interactive map, discussing and writing short reports about the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan as applications of...