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Cells - Overview & Introduction Video
Cells - Overview & Introduction
Phonics Song 2 (new version) Video
Phonics Song 2 (new version)
Language and Creativity Video
Language and Creativity
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Lesson Planet

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

For Students Pre-K - 5th
The ever-engaging Kid President hosts a video that details the life story of Martin Luther King, Jr. Kid President covers the time from when Martin Luther King, Jr. was born to the extent of his life and includes words of encouragement...
Lesson Planet

NGSS: Stability and Change

For Students K - 12th
Build a strong foundation for your teaching of stability and change! The video addresses the Next Generation Science Standards Cross-Cutting Concept through insightful examples. The narrator includes ideas for introducing the standard in...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

U.S. Symbols

For Students K - 3rd Standards
United States symbols are the subject of a video brought to you by BrainPop Jr. Hosts, Annie and Moby, begin with a definition of the word symbol, then go on to detail ten American symbols—the American flag, a Bald Eagle, the Liberty...
3 In 3 Collections 2:03
Lesson Planet

The Letter A Song

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
A is for apple, ant, and alphabet! Introduce the alphabet with an engaging video meant for beginning readers. The video's catchy rhythm is guaranteed to excite youngsters as they watch it over and over again.
1 In 1 Collection 11:15
Lesson Planet

New Teacher Survival Guide: ADHD in the Classroom

For Teachers K - 12th
Discover one teacher's efforts to improve in-class transitions and help students to remain engaged and on-point during class. You'll begin by viewing a sample lesson in a special education classroom with follow-up commentary and...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: A Class Set of Chromebooks with Veronica Tadeo

For Teachers K - 12th
Middle school teacher Veronica Tadeo discusses successes she has had using Chromebooks, Kidblog, and other online software and online web pages to differentiate instruction for her English language learners.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: PLEx Life Science by Filament Games with Dan White

For Teachers K - 12th
The use of interactive, hands-on learning games in the classroom is the focus of an interview with Dan White of Filament Games.  White models how the "thing that you are doing in the game is the thing that we want you to learn."
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: The Federal E-Rate Program with Micah Rigdon

For Teachers Pre-K - 12th
Micah Ridgon, of Funds for Learning, suggests schools are not getting the most out of the federal E-Rate program, the program that offers discounts to schools for their broadband and telecommunication services. His company is here to help.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Haiku Deck

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Here's a free app that makes the preparation of presentations a whole lot easier. Using open source images, the narrators model how to create and share amazing presentations.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Nearpod

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
This short video models how to use Nearpod in classroom settings and gives suggestions on how the app can be used in the classroom and other educational situations.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Adguard AdBlocker

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Eliminate those irritating and sometimes inappropriate ads from videos and projection screens with an app that can be installed on your Chrome Internet browser. Learn how to install and use the blocker in this short video.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: National Technology Plan

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Learn the basics about the National Technology Plan, and how to find the plan in order to prepare yourself for what's to come as far as technology in the classroom goes. Jennifer and Rich walk through a few ways to get started on the...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Todo K-2 Math Practice

For Teachers K - 2nd
Support your youngsters as they learn basic math skills by providing this app! Jennifer and Rich demonstrate how practice addition and subtraction and use the main features of the app.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Choiceworks

For Teachers K - 9th
Support learners with special needs with an app designed to help pupils make choices and follow routines. Jennifer and Rich walk you through how to create a profile and use the main features of this customizable app.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: LiveBinders

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Looking for a great way to organize your classroom materials according to topic or theme? Allow Rich and Jennifer to introduce you to a useful program with plenty of features to help you not only organize your materials, but also share...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Vision K-20 Survey and CODiE Awards with Karen Billings

For Teachers K - 12th
The CODiE Awards program, showcasing the best software produced each year, and the Vision K-20 Survey, designed to permit schools to benchmark their progress in the use of educational technology to achieve their educational goals, are...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: ShowMe

For Teachers K - 12th
Take a quick look at a great interactive whiteboard app for your classroom. Rich and Jennifer launch the app, provide a quick tour, and demonstrate how to apply this tool for classroom use.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Microsoft Office Mobile

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Users of Microsoft Office can now access, as well as edit, and create new documents from their mobile devices with the Microsoft Office Mobile app. The video narrators not only model how to use the app, but also discuss various classroom...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays:

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Save hours creating and updating your list of contacts with an app that automatically captures, saves and updates names, e-mail, mailing addresses, and phone numbers.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Field Day & Project-Based Learning with Dr. Jenny Fremlin & Erica Stone

For Teachers Pre-K - 12th
The creators of Field Day, an inquiry-based app designed especially for project-based learning, discuss the features of this very valuable, inexpensive app.
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: Open Source Learning with David Preston (extended)

For Teachers K - 12th
What is open source learning and how can the approach be used in the classroom? David Preston, a teacher from a school where traditionally few kids continue their education post graduation, discusses how open source learning has...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: IEP Goals & Objectives with CCSS

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Jennifer and Rich model how to use and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an app designed to assist special needs instructors write IEP goals and objectives for all kids in their caseload.
1 In 1 Collection 2:35
PD Learning Network

EdTech Tuesdays: A Flipped Classroom with Lee Graves

For Teachers Pre-K - Higher Ed
Imagine taping a lecture once rather than repeating yourself six times a day. Such an approach is one of the benefits of the flipped classroom approach to learning. Lee Graves provides a clear and concise explanation of this...
Lesson Planet

EdTech Tuesdays: ISTE Standards Program with Carolyn Sykora & Mindy Frisbee

For Teachers Pre-K - 12th
When navigating through the "sea of resources" that technology provides us today, how can educators ensure that they are using technology to support the success of their students in the most effective way possible? Listen as the...