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11 resources with the concept bocce ball

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Lesson Planet


For Teachers 3rd - 10th
Boccia is very similar to the game of bocce. There is a jack, a small ball that is tossed within a 12' x 6' area which becomes the target. Each team has six hand-sized leather balls which they try to get as close as possible to the jack...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 2

For Teachers 4th - 10th
Bocce ball is a lifelong sport that many different age levels can learn. Lesson 2 is about the underhand throw and the different shooting techniques involved. This instructional activity is only one instructional activity in a...
Lesson Planet

Bocce ball - Lesson Plan

For Teachers 5th - 10th
Bocce ball is a lifelong sport that can be taught to many different age levels. This is only one page of a pretty comprehensive unit. Click the link at the bottom of the page and take a look at the entire unit and adapt it to meet the...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball

For Teachers 6th - 9th
Cover the history, skills, and rules of Bocce in this comprehensive set of lesson plans. Eight daily lesson plans include lots of activities to get your class started. Though this resource only contains instructional activity 8 of the...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball Unit - Tournament (Lesson 7)

For Teachers 6th - 10th
This is one part (lesson 7) of the unit on Bocce ball. There are links on this page to get you to the entire unit. This`lesson sets up a tournament of eight teams. You may have to divide your class into a different number of teams. Take...
Lesson Planet

Hitting the Pylon on the Head (Bocce Ball)

For Teachers 2nd - 10th
Let's use bean bags to play Bocce ball in the gym. Adapt this game to fit your grade level by moving your class closer or further from the target. You could even adapt this game to have your class do different kinds of tosses, like...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 4 - Angle of Release

For Teachers 7th - 12th
This life-long sport of Bocce ball can be played for fun, or one can play in serious competitions. Here, the angle of release is covered. Discussion and practice with regard to rolling, tossing, throwing, or lobbing requires knowledge...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 1 - Rules and Courtesies

For Teachers 7th - 10th
In between fighting, Roman soldiers played this game for their amusement. What is the game? Bocce ball, a form of lawn bowling which the Italians brought to the US. This sport can be played by anyone who can roll a ball that is about the...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 5 - Target Shooting

For Teachers 7th - 10th
Bocce ball is all about aiming to hit the target. Seems simple enough. Roll a ball down a lane and try to get closer to the target than anyone else. Stop. It's not that easy. Why? Because other balls get in the way and block the path. So...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 3 - Generating Forces

For Teachers 7th - 10th
You can teach Bocce ball to most age levels. The biggest concern with younger players is safety; they need to learn how to throw the Bocce balls without inadvertently hurting another player. The focus in this lesson is how to generate...
Lesson Planet

Bocce Ball - Lesson 6

For Teachers 6th - 10th
Bocce ball - lesson 6 takes the game indoors and makes some adaptations. Use bean bags or juggling balls that won't bounce too much to play indoors. The focus is on throwing and using good form. The strategy will be slightly different...