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83 resources with the concept sinking and floating

Lesson Planet

Floating Objects

For Students 1st - 2nd
For this floating objects worksheet, students study the objects in the 4 rows. Students circle the objects that float in the 4 rows.
Lesson Planet

A Flower of the Sun

For Students 2nd - 3rd
In this earth science worksheet, students identify and make careful observations of a sunflower head. Then they use their senses and science tools to observe the physical properties of sunflower seeds.
Lesson Planet

Weight in Water

For Teachers 3rd - 4th
Students investigate why some materials are able to float while others sink. They carry out a scientific investigation, predict and test their predictions. They record their results in a spreadsheet, and use a forcemeter in another...
Lesson Planet

Activity # 13 Float or Sink?

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Learners have seen that solids, which are more dense than a liquid, that sinks in that liquid and solids, which are less dense than a liquid, that floats on that liquid. They use a metal boat to float in water. Pupils comprehend that...
Lesson Planet

Sink or Float

For Teachers All
Students experiment with different objects to test if they sink or float. They predict what the object will do before it is put into the water. They are allowed to play with the items after the experiment is over.
Lesson Planet

Sink or Float Experiment

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students participate in an experiment to determine which objects float or sink. They use different amounts of salt for the objects and discover as the salt content increases, objects will float. They record their predictions and what...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 9th
Ninth graders predict when an object will sink or float based on comparison of the density of the object to the density of the substance in which it is placed.
Lesson Planet

Sink or Float

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
Students construct clay boats and predict whether the boats will sink or float. Students will hypothesize what caused the boats to sink or float.
Lesson Planet

Will it Float?

For Teachers 1st
First graders discuss why some things sink and some float after dropping a variety of items into water.
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 4th - 8th
Students explore how density can cause things to sink or float by experimenting with a jar, oil and corn syrup.
Lesson Planet

Can You Make A Penny Float?

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students explore the concept of density by trying to make a penny and other materials float.