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The name Zoltán Kodály may not appear on a list of top ten education reformers but perhaps it should. His drive to improve music education in Hungary led to the creation of the International Kodály Society and his methods are now used around the world.

Introduce Kodáy’s concepts with a lesson that uses a popular children’s song to teach youngsters beat notation or to mark the rhythm and rhyming phrases of a song. The Kodály Method also includes the use of hands signs that enable singers to see elements of music like pitch and tone. Some of his many accomplishments are detailed on this colorful worksheet. Or, if you’re looking for an entire program build on Kodály Method, check out this teacher’s guide.

Musician, composer, and teacher, Zoltán Kodály changed the face of music education. Now you can bring his techniques into your classroom with ease using Lesson Planet's collection of resources!

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