Hanukkah Art Activities

Here are some fun art activities related to Hanukkah.

By Elisa Jackson

Hanukkah Art Activities

Hanukkah is a holiday that can lead teachers to explore history, world religions, and art with their students. Just like other holidays, there are many activities you can do with your students that can help them understand the significance of this holiday, and the important symbols used in its observance. Here are some suggestions for Hanukkah art activities you can do with your students.

The first activity has to do with forming Hebrew letters. At the beginning of the activity you show students a dreidel and go over what each of the different Hebrew letters on the faces of the dreidel mean. Students then learn how to play the game, and form the letters on the faces of the dreidel with Play Doh - or another type of easily malleable substance, like clay. However, I find Play Doh works best because it is easy to manipulate.

Another fun art activity that is connected to math is the symmetry menorah. After studying the significance of the menorah in relation to Hanukkah, students paint half of a menorah on one side of construction paper. Once one side is painted, students carefully fold it in half and make the paint touch the other side. When they unfold it, it will become a full menorah. It will be a little smudged, but this adds character to the project.

A simple activity to do is to make a popsicle stick Star of David. Students take six popsicle sticks and make two triangles by gluing three sticks together. Then, they glue the two triangles together and let them dry to make a Jewish star. Once the glue is dry, students can decorate both sides with blue and white sequins. This makes a very shiny, and fun project to look at. Yarn or string can be tied onto the top so that they can be hung around the room.

The Torah is another symbol of Judaism and Hanukkah, and students can create a document to look like the Torah. Students do some writing on one side of a piece of construction paper. They decorate the other side with Hanukkah symbols using crayons and markers. Once their writing and coloring is done, they glue the ends to two toilet paper, or paper towel rolls, with the writing on the inside. When the glue is dry, they roll up the rolls on each end. 

Hanukkah is filled with many activities to do with students which promote understanding, appreciation, and excitement about the holiday. Here are more activities to do with your class during the holiday season.

Hanukkah Art Activities Lesson Plans:

Hanukkah Party

Students have a Hanukkah party where they eat potato latkas, make and exchange gelt, dance to traditional songs, and play the dreidel game.

Play the Dreidel Game

Students follow directions on how to play the dreidel game after learning the history behind it.

Create a Holiday Book

Students create a holiday book about different holidays - including Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Crossword

Students answer clues to a crossword about Hanukkah.