Youth Emergency Preparedness

This Youth Emergency Preparedness unit plan also includes:

Go beyond the typical earthquake drill and prepare your learners to become proactive responders in the event of an emergency. From blackouts and droughts to thunderstorms and extreme cold, your class members will discover how disasters happen and the role geography plays, as well as how they can help their communities prepare for and respond to disasters.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members take the most important facts and safety tips they learn about to design helpful symbols or graphics to post in your classroom
  • Before immediately providing answers to disaster issues, have learners brainstorm a list of possible answers and then compare how they did, or consider alternative methods for addressing particular disasters
  • Prompt learners to practice everyday safety measures and have them document and chart their progress
  • Modern design includes variety of inquiry-based, student-centered, and cross-curricular activities
  • Teaches valuable life skills and knowledge
  • Provides attractive and organized worksheets and reference materials
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