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Why is Kettle Corn Cooked in Copper Pots?

This Why is Kettle Corn Cooked in Copper Pots? lesson plan also includes:

The kitchen — it's not just for eating anymore! Specific heat is often a difficult concept to grasp, so give it context by relating it to cooking. Learners gain experience in the principles of thermal energy transfer by designing an experiment, participating in a Web quest, and observing  a bimetallic strip. The teacher's guide includes detailed instructions, printable materials, and grading rubrics. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • The content could easily be adapted for both elementary and high school science classes
  •  Consider showing additional examples of specific heat in everyday situations
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan time in the computer lab to facilitate completion of the web quest and Internet reading assignments
  • Pupils choose the type of assessment they submit to demonstrate learning Rubrics are included
  • Using real-world context helps classmates create connections to challenging content
  • Beware typographical errors on page three