Why Flyers Flew

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The "Call of Duty" of a World War I pilot ... Why did they decide to fly and risk their lives? World War I aviators had a new and daunting task of flying above the warfare, which often meant a new type of battle in the sky. Using the resources from World War I to learn about the first military aviators, one can begin to understand the seemingly impossible task of a military flier and the dangers associated with the job, which few on the home front fully understood.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show a quick video of World War I pilots to get an understanding of aviation at that time in history
  • Extension activity comparing and contrasting the experience and training of World War I pilots to those of today's military aviators (and the current War on Terror) 
Classroom Considerations
  • Place posters around the room for easy viewing during lesson
  • Printable multiple-choice quiz helps gauge understanding
  • Included worksheets and posters make for a well-rounded lesson
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