Why Do We Need Measurement Tools?

This Why Do We Need Measurement Tools? lesson plan also includes:

Why do we need standard measurement? Youngsters listen to Rolf Myller's How Big is a Foot?, compare family member footprints cut out of paper, and discuss why standard measurement is important. They then participate in a hands-on investigation of a variety of common measuring tools.

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CCSS: Designed

Instructional Ideas

  • Ask class members to label any footprint that is exactly 12 inches long
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires a copy of Rolf Myller's How Big is a Foot? as well as rulers, yardsticks, tape measures, thermometers, scales, measuring spoons and cups, chart paper, construction paper, markers, and scissors


  • The footprint activity underscores the need for a standardized unit of measurement for the length of a foot
  • the detailed plan is carefully scaffolded to accommodate all learners

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