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Why Are Compact Fluorescent Bulbs More Efficient?

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Compact fluorescent bulbs are the easiest way to increase energy efficiency around the house. But why? Science scholars compare CF bulbs with their incandescent counterparts using a simple test. A solar-powered toy illuminates the invisible, wasteful nature of incandescent bulbs while showing the efficiency of compact fluorescents.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign advanced classes the task of devising a method of quantifying the energy lost by the incandescent bulb used in the demonstration
  • Have the class bring in additional solar toys to test during the demonstration
Classroom Considerations
  • Review the materials list in advance to make sure you can source the gel filters and Thermashield
  • Pupils should be familiar with both visible and infrared light before participating in the activity
  • Using a solar toy to test the efficiency of the bulbs allows learners to visualize bulb efficiency
  • The simple procedure leaves a lot of leeway for additions and extensions
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