Whiteboard HD

A tablet-size whiteboard? Absolutely. And this app includes all the features of the standard-sized SMART Board. You can draw, create diagrams, and flow charts. You can add text, images, and save, scan, and e-mail your work to others. It is also possible to add a VGA adaptor and present your work to large groups. A great tool for classroom tablets.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. A video tutorial, designed for version 1.1 but still of value, can be accessed by tapping the question mark icon located on the upper-right corner of the tool bar, and then pressing the support website button located on the bottom of the screen
  2. The question mark icon also previews drawing mode, color, moving, scaling, and/or rotating options
  3. To create a diagram, press the My Boards button
  4. Change the background of a board by tapping the sheet icon at the top right of the bar
  5. Color and/or pictures may also be added from this menu
  6. Share boards by tapping the sharing icon  
  7. The stencil menu, located at the bottom left of the screen, permits users to access and select shapes from the stencil library 
  8. To add an image to a board, tap, drag, and then position the shape
  9. Add text by tapping the T button, selecting a font and font size
  10. To access the keyboard, tap the screen and begin typing
  11. To import images from a photo library or other sources, tap the images tool 
  12. Shapes may be outlined in color or filled in with color by tapping one of the two boxes and then tapping a shape or image
  13. To scan and then display a board using a VGA adaptor, tap the screen icon on the bottom tool bar and then the connect icon  
  14. To use the laser pointer for a presentation, tap the image on the tool bar, select and then add a color, and drag your finger across the board 

Additional Features:

  • Boards may be shared and edited live with other users over a Wi-Fi network
  • Presentations may be projected with a VGA adapter
  • A laser pointer feature is included
  • Images may be added from your photo library
  • Dropbox and Box.net permit users to export boards
  • The Inspector icon lists additional features of the program
  • Images may be rotated or reshaped by using two fingers placed on the image 
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Boards are easy to create and edit and can be immediately saved

  • Worth the money

    Given all the options, the app is definitely worth $4.99

  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    There are no safety filters of any kind

  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Individuals or groups may create presentations in the app and then project their work to the whole class
Classroom Considerations

  • Multiple copies of the app would permit group members to collaborate on projects out of class
  • No safety features are built into the app; therefore instructors would need to establish explicit expectations for appropriate use of the app

  • The Undo button allows users to undo the last addition to a board
  • Backgrounds may be changed at any point in the project
  • All work is automatically saved and can be accessed by tapping the My Boards button

  • Board size is limited to the size of the tablet screen