What's Your Point of View?

A read-aloud and whole-class discussion about first and third-person point of view opens a instructional activity that examines fairytales. Pairs or small groups complete a worksheet in which they read a text then fill in an organizer. Either independently or in small groups, pupils work on one of four activities. An Exit Ticket releases learners after they reflect on something they experienced that day. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Choose independent practice activities based on the proficiency levels of your class 
  • Direct participants to attach their work to the interactive ELA notebook for future reference 
  • Post the Exit Ticket prompt on the classroom blog
Classroom Considerations
  • Choose activities then make the required number of copies 
  • Any fairytale works with the lesson 
  • Offers ways to differentiate instruction
  • Makes extension ideas available
  • None
Common Core