What's in the Darkest Part of the Sky?

NASA allows anyone, not just scientists, to apply to use the Hubble Space telescope. For every six projects submitted, only one wins the chance to do groundbreaking research. The video explains one of these winning proposals that changed our view of the universe. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Before the video, pick some photos of everyday items at a microscopic level and let students guess what they are; then discuss what we might see if we zoomed in on a dark spot in the night sky
  • Discuss what we mean by dark. Is it the absence of light? Is it a comparable term?
Classroom Considerations

  • Try to avoid displaying the comments when showing the video

  • Provides closed captioning for ease of note taking
  • Offers a new perspective about our place in the universe

  • None
Common Core