What's in a Cigarette?

How do cigarettes affect the body and environment? Scholars begin a three-activity instructional activity plan with a cigarette dissection to discover what's inside, then draft their own comprehensive ingredient list. To close, small groups brainstorm ways to keep cigarette butts from hurting the environment.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Dissect the cigarette as a class, not in small groups, lead the dissection and discussion without having pupils touch the cigarette 
  • Coordinate time at the library, computer lab, or on personal learning devices to accommodate research time
  • Invite learners to take part in the extended learning activity if they complete any task early
Classroom Considerations

  • Check with your school's principal prior to bringing in actual cigarettes and separate ingredients, as classroom allergies and sensitivities should be a consideration
  • Some information is specific to Australia 

  • Linked materials make locating and printing papers easier 
  • Include one extended learning activity 

  • None