What Happens to Your Life When You’re Uprooted?

This What Happens to Your Life When You’re Uprooted? unit also includes:

Two young people must flee their village in Sudan while soldiers are rounding up children, forcing them to fight in the conflict between government and rebel forces. What happens to them now? Following the story of Gabriel and Aluel, pupils consider what happens to young refugees in times of war using discussion and short writing exercises.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members develop arguments for asylum for the various people included in the lesson plan
  • Use the provided activities to explore the concepts of human rights, asylum, and refugee
Classroom Considerations

  • First in the six-part series Experiences of Two Children in War-torn Sudan

  • Personal narratives are gripping
  • Includes all background information to bring members of the class up to speed on the Sudanese conflict

  • None