What Are Isomers?

Don't let your students feel isolated by isomers! Use a short video that introduces the topic in animated form with plenty of guided practice. The narrator guides viewers through an abbreviated structural way to draw organic molecules, demonstrates numbering carbon atoms in a chain, then adds smaller groups to the chains. Included in the video is the history of tetraethyl lead and its impact on humans and the environment.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the embedded pauses to check for understanding; be sure to allow plenty of time for students to work during the second pause
  • Show the video as an introduction to the concept of isomers
Classroom Considerations

  • Prior knowledge of alkane chemistry is helpful so pupils can focus solely on mastering isomers during the video

  • The narrator takes great care in explaining all parts of what can be a confusing topic in organic chemistry for young learners
  • Animation allows pupils to better visualize isomers as molecules with the same formulas but different structures and names

  • None