Water Cycle HD

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What goes up must come down, and such is true for Earth's water! With this tool, hydrology hopefuls can both increase and test their knowledge of the water cycle.

3rd - 8th Science 243 Views 99 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
App Overview

On a diagram of the water cycle, find the following features:

  • Play: Series of questions requiring "yes" or "no" answers
  • Precipitation
  • Condensation
  • Evaporation
  • Runoff
  • Water makes us wonder: Tap on the arrow to read an overview of the water cycle

For each of the stages of the water cycle listed, tap on one to find photos, explanatory text, a Did You Know? bar that provides additional facts, and the following buttons:

  • Quiz: 15 multiple-choice questions
  • Camera: A high-definition photo slide show
  • Video: Short clips found on YouTube about that particular stage
  • Home
  • Read to Me: Turn the narrator's voice on or off
  • Sound Settings: Choose whether or not to hear the soothing instrumental background music and sound effects
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Instructional Ideas

After you have fully immersed your class in the water cycle, include a set of tablets at a station during a rotating lab. Lab groups can read the text, examine pictures, and quiz themselves. Alternatively, you could set up a tablet for each stage of the water cycle and spend an hour reviewing by giving groups 15 minutes at each!

Another option would be to project the app and use the photos, diagrams, as part of your lecture, then use the quiz questions as a class review.

Classroom Considerations

Although this is a fairly well-designed and comprehensive application, it is not as flashy as others might be. Little ones with shorter attention spans may lose interest quickly. It might help to create a worksheet for them to complete as they explore Water Cycle HD. 

One question in the Play feature came up with a photo, but no question. After every 10 questions, a score and a trophy are displayed. The app is well worth the cost, nonetheless!

Another small issue is that upon first entering any of the quizzes, users are greeted with a message including the word "learnt."

For each Quiz question answered correctly, a gold coin appears with the words "Great Job!" and an audible cheer. Users must tap an arrow beneath the coin to proceed to the next question. If answered incorrectly, a yellow face appears with the word "oops" above it. Users must then select a new answer until they choose the right one. After every five questions, the next of three levels is unlocked. A total score out of 15 is displayed after the three levels are completed. 


  • With the water cycle being a required science topic, this app will get plenty of use
  • Easily navigated
  • Straightforward presentation of information
  • Quiz questions allow learners to test their retention

  • Photographs could be larger for easier viewing
  • No score-saving or sharing features
  • Limited in interactive features