Vocabulary - Words in Context

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What do you call a rabbit with a sense of humor? A funny bunny! Beginning with a Hink Pink Think activity, pupils discover meanings of words through an engaging learning game. Next, individuals explore ways to discover word meanings in a variety of contexts.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Cut and glue the question cards to index cards for durability; laminate them for continued use
  • Adapt activities to incorporate words more familiar with your learners if the ones provided are too difficult
Classroom Considerations
  • Activities are best suited for small-group instruction, but can facilitate whole-group instruction as well
  • Dictionaries are necessary for some of the activities; refresh learners with how to use a dictionary
  • One of the activities assumes learners know how to solve Hink Pinks
  • The 48-page packet contains 11 activities for identifying meanings of words in context
  • Resource incorporates a variety of ways for class members to structure their responses
  • Reproducibles and answer keys are provided for each activity
  • None